Aikido Outside Club Environment

Alain has, besides more than 25 years teaching experience to youth and adults inside the Club Environment, developped teaching experience with:

- Aikido for seniors (55+) through Days of Sports in the city of Ghent

- Aikido for Youth (7-14jr) through Weeks of Sports during School Vacations in the city of Ghent and through School days of sports.

- Aikido classes for special guidance groups in projects of agression management.

- Aikido for less abled people through school for the deaf people and  for people with less hearing capability in the city of Ghent .

- Selfdefense for Belgian Army Troops (subofficers school)

- Selfdefense for Police Troops in the city of Ghent (formation)

- Selfdefense classes to adult groups in the city of Ghent

- Initiation classes to adult groups in Flanders

- Aikido in Company Environment for Toyota Europe Head Office in Zaventem (Brussels), University Hospital Ghent, ...

- Leading Aikido seminars abroad (Greece, Russia, Denmark, ...)

- in the "Vlaamse Trainersschool Bloso", where he acts as teacher in the teacher's education program of the Belgian Government.


Alain further continuously deepens his own education and development through:

- Almost daily training sessions  (5 to 6 days a week)

- Attending Belgian seminars lead by Japanese experts.

- Attending seminars lead by Japanese experts outside Belgium

- Following on a yearly basis an intensive training periode of 3 classes a day during a 2-3 weeks residence in Japan, in the Head Office of Aikido located in Tokyo.


What can Alain do for you?

Since, for several reasons, not everyone is able to attend the trainings in the Club Environment, there are also these options:

- Aikido private classes  (1 person)

- Aikido Family classes (2 partners and/or children inside the family environment)

- Aikido in an own group (school, class, club, company, group of friends, .....)

- Selfdefense classes

- Specific classes focussed on increasing selfconfidence, increasing self awareness, decreasing fear(s)

- Adjusted initiations and/or series of classes for seniors (e.g. without needing to fall, nor heavy demands to the joints )

- Adjusted initiations and/or series of classes for the less abled (possibilities in this area to be discussed).


Further more:

- Leading Aikido presentations about it's history and development, it's use in our society,....

- Leading or co-leading Aikido seminars or Budo seminars together with other martial arts

- Demonstrations

- Leading or co-leading Aikido teachers Education in your own Club / group / federation.