What Is A Dojo Cho

Dojo cho is literally translated as dojo chief, i.e. the person who runs the dojo / owns the dojo etc..

The dojo cho is in many cases also the chief instructor... However there are exceptions.

For example: in a club the dojo cho is a 2nd Dan who has been practicing for 20 odd years. A few years ago, a gentleman came to practice in this dojo as he had just moved into the area, after a while it turns out he is a 5th Dan. Now he is by far the senior grade, but obviously has no claim on the club (nor would he ever dream of it). He can take the role of senior instructor at the dojo cho's request, i.e. he provides technical direction when needed.

In our environment it is important to remember that the Dojo Cho is the care taker of the dojo. He ensures a smooth operation of the dojo  and a good environment for the students to develop themselves. For this task the dojo cho should be valued with the proper respect by all involved..

Dojo cho is not to consider himself / herself as higher in hierarchy, but needs more to think of this function as

"the responsable one"..